Friday, September 02, 2011

The Real Cost of Dirty Air

U.S. Health Burden Caused by Particulate Pollution from Fossil-Fueled Power Plants* 
          Illness                                                       Mean Number of Cases
Asthma (hospital admissions)                                   3,020
Pneumonia (hospital admissions)                              4,040
Asthma (emergency room visits)                              7,160
Cardiovascular ills (hospital admissions)                     9,720
Chronic bronchitis                                                 18,600
Premature deaths                                                30,100
Acute bronchitis                                                   59,000
Asthma attacks                                                  603,000
 Lower respiratory ills                                            630,000
 Upper respiratory ills                                            679,000
 Lost workdays                                                5.13 million
 Minor restricted-activity days                             26.3 million

News Story: "Obama cancels EPA Smog rules"  The Obamatron gave up again on protecting the environment and public health because job-killing business interests are against stronger rules to limit smog production. With friends like him in the White House, who needs enemies? Asking for a contribution? Well, friend you will have to wait.
*Scientific American