Friday, February 26, 2016

'Toontime: Donald, the Inevitable

The mathematics of the primary season are in Donald Trump's favor.  It may be too late for an astounded Republican establishment to unseat his coronation without a nasty, counterproductive floor-fight at the convention.  The exit of a clueless Jeb Bush and the ineffectual campaign of junior salesman Marco Rubio has put the party controllers into panic mode.  Trump has an eighty-one delegate lead in a splintered field and is bound to come out of "super Tuesday" with a lot more since he appeals to southern white populists with his bigoted anti-Washington rhetoric.  He is ahead by comfortable  poll margins in all eleven states holding Tuesday primaries.  Even so "the Donald's" candidacy is a god-send for the Democrats; socialist Sanders performs better than Clinton in national polls when paired against the reality-TV star.

credit: Steve Sack, Minneapolis Star Tribune
Wackydoodle sez:  Evil fish, I will strike at thee and send thee back to Hell!