Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Corporate Mass Media Ignores Sanders

The corporate media black-out of Bernie Sanders' campaign for president is becoming laughable to US Person.  Not only do they not carry his victory speeches while lavishing attention on every tit for tat of the Repugnant boys for president, they wait until the next day to report his sweep of three western states by large margins.  The brief mentions the socialist does get are essentially opportunities to repeat the mantra that Hillary Clinton leads in the number of the pledged delegates, and that Sanders has no hope of peeling away Democratic establishment votes represented by so-called 'super-delegates'.

Sanders' double digit wins in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington cut into Clinton's delegate lead by over 22% reducing it to a single digit.  Seventeen hundred fifty delegates remain to be awarded.  Further, the wins prove that Sanders appeals to voters in ethnically diverse states.  Sanders won the Washington caucus by a whopping 73%.  Clinton's lead is mostly composed of wide margins in several southern states with large black populations: Florida, Mississippi and Georgia.  Sanders was able to split the delegate award in populous Midwestern states like Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Michigan.  Of the southern states won handily by Clinton only Florida stands a chance of being carried by the Democratic presidential candidate in the general election.  The fact is Hillary Clinton suffers from a self-inflicted, rather glaring credibility gap .  Polls consistently show Sanders doing better against Trump than the former Secretary of State.

Sanders needs to do well in the east where he has already won his home state of Vermont, New Hampshire Maine and splitting Massachusetts.  He has challenged former New York Senator Hillary Clinton to another debate before the New York primary on April 19th. So Sanders has a way to go before he can mount a convention attack on the establishment delegate vote, but he is not out of the race by any imagination.   Except perhaps the imagination of the corporate hacks reading the news.