Friday, April 22, 2016

'Toontime: Finishing the Race

a young socialist, Bernie Sanders
The mass media hacks and party controllers want Bernie to give up.  His loss in the New York primary was expected, but Bernie Sanders has never been an insider in the Democratic Party.  He came to politics by way of Vermont's Liberty Union Party and only gave up those credentials when he concluded that third-party participation is a dead-end in 'Merica's political duopoly.  Simply put he cannot quit the race because he now has a responsibility to represent the approximately 20% of the electorate who want a federal government focused on social justice, not corporate profits. Unfortunately there are a lot more 'Mericans that are afraid to say so. Kuznet's economic analysis was tainted by Cold War propaganda: a rising tide lifts some boats much, much more than others.  Or As Marx artfully and perhaps correctly put it, "What the bourgeoisie, above all, produce are their own gravediggers."
credit: Jeff Danziger