Friday, October 28, 2016

'Toontime: It Is No Joke

credit Mike Luckovich

This election cycle, full of rudeness, scandal and distraction, is causing disquiet among 'Mericans because the dysfunction of their political system is so obvious to see.  US Person hopes that the lesson learned will be to begin the system's reform.  Proposition 59 in California is a very modest start, proposing to eliminate dark money from election campaigns made possible by the errant Citizens United  Supreme Court decision.  Beyond that, citizens must work to create a viable reform party that can challenge the major parties' duopoly.  Now some pundits blame the duopoly on the archaic voting systems 'Merica has been saddled with since its founding, namely single member districts and plurality voting.  They argue that it is a symptom, not a conspiracy.  But you do not have to wear a tin-hat to think the status quo is more than just a coincidence or a symptom.  Bernie Sanders tried to create a reform movement from within the Democratic Party, but soon discovered what other left-of-center candidates from Gary Hart, Jerry Brown to Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich confronted--the Money Power's intramural predominance.  This situation was engineered by the party's apparatchik in the aftermath of Mayor Daley's police riot at the Chicago Convention of 1968.  So that is why we are left with the narcissistic demagogue  on the right to carry the banner of making hay in Washington.  NOT.

credit: Matt Wuerker
BC Idonwanna sez:  Once again, white man speak from side of face!