Wednesday, November 23, 2016

COTW: Facist Adventure

'Merica is rapidly moving down the road to fascism.  For your consideration is the chart below that shows how indebted our political system is to corporate funding:

Surprisingly Donald Trump spent the least of all candidates and funded most of his campaign himself with loans. However super PACs contributed heavily to the campaigns with $188 million going to Hillary Clinton and 60 million to Donald Trump as of October.  Of all money going to Democratic candidates in this election cycle, 20% is from super pacs, while Republicans received 57% from super pacs. Only Bernie Sanders distinguished himself from the domination of the Money Power by raising the most money from small donors.

The military spending accounts for 57% of all federal discretionary spending.  Coupled with Trump's nativist tendencies and support, it is not hard to understand why hot-headed US Person says that it is not 'creeping' socialism we have to worry about, but creeping fascism. Not only are our national politics owned by the corporate plutocracy, but the military establishment spends most of the money the government collects from taxpayers. Trump has revealed the domination of government by the military-corporate axis by turning to retired generals to fill important posts in his administration.