Thursday, February 02, 2017

COTW: Why 'Mericans Voted Against Obamacare

This chart sums it all up:

credit: Forbes
The Affordable Care Act is not affordable, as both healthcare costs and insurance premiums continue to rise. Insurance companies predictably blame the universal mandate for the premiums going up since it costs more to insure the previously uninsured, and the Act requires ten basic benefits so there is less room to manipulate product options. The real reason, which advocates of a single-payer system know and tried to convince the public of, is that health in the United States is still a profit-based industry cornered by the insurance companies. Only a government entitlement to health care will solve the problem as all other advanced countries realized decades ago.  The ACA is a giant kluge instituted at the insistence of the insurance industry in order to stave-off socialized medicine in the United States.  It's time will come.