Friday, April 28, 2017

'Toontime: The Great Wall of Trump

credit: John Darkow
US Person cannot decide which is more frightening: voters believing a wall would actually succeed keeping out illegal immigrants, or that Mexico would pay for such an insultingly useless project. The very concept testifies to the extent of Trump supporters' ethnocentrism.   Perhaps this is the way the befuddled brain of the Trumpster perceives his wall folly:

credit: Wolverton
Wackydoodle axes: Can I git pupae with that?
Fortunately, Congress mustered enough spine, a precious commodity on Capitol Hill, to oppose the Trumpster.  He was forced to do another about-face on this issue, and decided to postpone the 'great wall' debate until September.  In the words of a Democratic member, "He folded like a cheap suit".  Then, on the other side of a two-headed coin, there is the Former Occupant being paid $400,000 for a 'speaking engagement', which in reality represents remuneration for heading off socialized medicine.  Classic!  At least the price of betrayal has gone up in two thousand years.