Saturday, October 14, 2017

"Toontime: Stuck With Moron

credit: M. Streeter, Savanah Morning News
BC Idonwanna sez: Talk to Chief Little Finger waste of time!
Der Leader is apparently motivated solely by overturning his predecessors notable achievements in office.  His high-school bully behavior is not only alienating the public [chart below], but alarming members of the political elite.  He turns from threatening North Korea with nuclear annihilation to de-certifying Iran's compliance with an international nuclear arms agreement that took seven nations twelve years to negotiate.  His de-certification 'trumps' eight years of IAEA inspections that have found Iran compliant with the treaty's terms.

Typical of the boy president's overblown rhetoric, he called the Obama-era agreement the worse deal America has ever made.  Any deal that adverts nuclear war is a good deal in US Person's opinion. Incidentally, he is reliably informed that Donald's much parodied hair style is due to a hair weave intended to make him appear to have more hair than he has. Can 'Merica afford four more years of this loose cannon in the White House?  It is up to Congress to control his destabilizing foreign policy actions before the button is pushed.