Thursday, February 22, 2018

COTW: More Weird Weather

While the Pacific Northwest deals with late winter snow storms, people in the eastern half of the country are asking if they can wear shorts to work. Look at this incredible chart:

credit: The Atlantic

The red area indicates temperatures above the historic average temperature for February 20th. Boston hit 50℉ at night, the highest February night temperature ever recorded. Cincinnati and Pittsburgh also recorded record high temperatures. Two weather systems, a large high over Georgia and a cold front pushing warm air eastward are contributing to the balmy weather. However, warmer winters are one of the predicted symptoms of global warming. Winters in Burlington, Vermont are now seven degrees warmer than in 1970. The last three years have been the warmest ever recorded. These warmer winters may appear as earlier springs. Trees have already started to blossom in Virginia and West Virginia. Cold snaps are now fifteen times less likely to occur than a century ago. Enjoy! It may be the best aspect of weather change man has created.