Friday, May 25, 2018

COTW: The Angry Nation

Hair Further canceled the impending summit between North Korea and the United States. He called the other side "angry and hostile" in his letter to the North Korean dictator. North Korea applied some heated rhetoric to John Bolton and Vice President Pence for their invocation of the "Libya model" as a way to deal with the nuclear-armed regime. A top female aide to Chairman Kim called Pence "a political dummy". It was Pence who infamously snubbed Kim's sister at at an Olympic games venue this winter. Look at this chart and decide for yourselves, which nations are angry and hostile. Once again a highly neurotic and oversensitive leader is endangering the safety of his fellow citizens by playing a game of nuclear brinkmanship, encouraged by known warmongers on his executive staff. As one commentator succinctly summed up Trump's diplomatic faceplant: "The man who thinks he’s the greatest negotiator in the world has absolutely no idea how to negotiate." Trump himself practices the ghoulish art of the insult, so he should know what is "unacceptable" rhetoric.

This Memorial Day weekend many Americans will be remembering service personnel at their gravesides. If thermonuclear war breaks out, there probably will not be remains of thousands of victims to memorialize. Undoubtedly the United States would unleash massive retaliation on the Korean peninsula if an attack were launched, reducing North Korea to ashes, but not before one or perhaps several west coast cities and Seoul evaporate in a nuclear or thermonuclear explosion.

The risk of a nuclear mistake is perhaps greater now than during the Cold War; the news of fourteen USAF personnel ingesting LSD while on duty at nuclear missile installations in Wyoming is far from reassuring. The technology may be new, but it still depends on fallible human command. By placing ever-increasing reliance on a massive nuclear arsenal as a means to bully other nations into complying with United States hegemony is only making the world more precarious. Scuttling a break-through opportunity to begin Korean disarmament and end the Korea War will be counted as more bad Trump behavior. The summit cancellation will join the Paris Climate Accord pullout, Iran nuclear deal pullout, and moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, as examples of his own irrationality and hostility.