Sunday, June 10, 2018

Trump-style Patriotism

People on the right make a big deal out of "patriotism", which is often perverted into a reactionary form of jingoism employed for ulterior motives.  The Don is a leading practitioner of the art. From military parades to the Mexican wall, his degraded form of patriotism is used to discredit others and enrich himself.  So if you have been labeled a "commie" by the flag-wrapped ├╝ber patriots, you will enjoy this cartoon (notice his small hand):

credit: Kevin Siers, Charlotte Observer
US Person asks, is it unpatriotic to question the policies of a government that is becoming increasing authoritarian? He offers just two examples here, there are many more: A long-tenured cartoonist at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has recently had his anti-Trump cartoons censored by the editorial director at the newspaper. The censorship apparently came from Keith Burris, the newspaper’s editorial director, who refused to publish six of the Rob Rogers’ latest cartoons. The New York Times recently reported that the Justice Department has seized years of one of Ali Watkins' email and phone records. The seizure of documents from its reporter was in connection with the investigation of James Wolfe, a former aide to the Senate Intelligence Committee who had worked there for almost three decades.  Watkins had a personal relationship with Wolfe.  One of the censored cartoons appears below.  Hail, Hair Further!

 Rob Rogers, Pittsburg Post-Gazette