Monday, December 06, 2010

Forty-four Is Willing to Abandon Wolves!

In yet another example of Obamacon's weak kneed approach to governance, he is permitting his Secretary of Interior and former Colorado rancher, Ken Salazar, to negotiate with the governors of Idaho and Montana to take over the "management" of wolves and remove them from the federal Endangered Species Act list. If an agreement is reached, it is tantamount to a death warrant because both states want to eliminate the grey wolf. State officials categorize the predator merely as a "cow killer" and not an integral organism of a healthy ecosystem. What Obamacon apparently does not understand is he lost control of Congress because he did not deliver on his progressive agenda, but rather sought to appease conservatives with half-measures. His health reform scheme without a low cost Public Option is Exhibit A.  Exhibit B is the failure to protect the outer-continental shelf from reckless oil operators like BP.  Exhibit C is the rescue of Wall Street banks at the expense of the American middle class.  Going even further to placate extremist conservatives by allowing them to slaughter wolves will further alienate his progressive voter base. In short his political advantage over the modern Calamity Jane, Sarah Palin, is rapidly disappearing. That is quite an accomplishment in just two short years. Tell your senators that you want wolves protected from human persecution in the West.