Friday, August 07, 2015

'Toontime: Biden Steps In

Hillary's decent in the polls and mounting attacks over her handling of official e-mail caused the Vice President, Joe Biden to reconsider his chances of succeeding the Obamanation. With Senator Sanders and Vice President Joe Biden in the race, Democratic voters will have a choice between a social democrat and a conventional neoliberal. Hillary's baggage and dependance on Wall Street minders* have made her increasingly unattractive to progressive voters regardless of her gender.

credit: David Horsey
Wackydoodle axes:  How y'al spell mysoginy?

*Ms. Clinton also carries the load of her husband's legacy. One of the influential persons in Washington that first contributed to the cultural capital that "greed is good", or to put it less crudely, a very powerful and extremely wealthy financial oligopoly is good for American governance was Robert Rubin, her husband's Director of the National Economic Council and second Secretary of Treasury. He began his career in arbitrage at Goldman-Sachs and rose to the firm's vice-chair. Rubin is the head of a long list of Wall Street insiders holding important positions in Bill Clinton's and subsequent administrations. Wall Street has infiltrated and taken over America's political economy. What started out as laudible policy of expanding home ownership under President Clinton became the biggest Wall Street rip-off in American history. See Chapter 4, 13 Bankers (2011). Then there is Senator Clinton's support for the other major fiasco of this century, the Iraq War.