Monday, August 17, 2015

Tru'merica: The Program that Changed the Nation

Before the social security program was passed during the Great Depression, one-half of elderly 'Mericans lived in poverty. Despite its success in changing how Americans retire, reactionaries have long targeted the system for destruction on ideological grounds. These handmaidens of corporatocracy want to give your social security contributions to Wall Street for "investment" in the private sector. These are the same crooks who almost collapsed the entire world financial system with their greed and excess of 2007-09. The government already mistakenly spent $23.7 trillion or 150% of GDP* rescuing these profligates. Now their political front men want to throw more of your tax dollars at the oligarchs to keep the casino open for business. Watch this 1952 video to understand why the system works for you:

*estimate of the cost to taxpayers of all government financial rescue programs including loans, subsidies, purchases and facilities by the Office of Special Inspector General for TARP testimony to Congress.