Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bernie Who? Wins West Virginia

Bernie Sanders has now won only four fewer states than Hillary Clinton.  He beat her soundly in economically ruined West Virginia (51-39%).  He looks set to carry Oregon and California too.  But the only path to the nomination remaining for him is convincing party insiders at the convention that Hillary is a probable loser to Donald Trump and they should dump the presumptive nominee.  That is a difficult row to hoe.  Still, his popularity among the plebeians is growing; he is attracting thousands to his California rallies despite a near total corporate mass media (CMM) blackout. His continued presence in the Democratic primary race is forcing Ms. Clinton to alter her policy positions to the left; an impact Sanders said he wants to accomplish with his candidacy.  She recently changed her position on Medicare expansion by agreeing that fifty year-olds could be allowed to "buy-into" the federal health care program.  Sanders assured his supporters after his latest win that all Democratic voters will have a chance to express their choice for the party's presidential nominee.