Friday, May 20, 2016

'Toontime: They Called Us Hippies

credit: Dave Granlund
Wackydoodle sez; Ya ain't white neither!

Rumblings from the Blue Grass state say there are problems with Democratic primary vote totals in several Kentucky counties. The most severe problem seems to be in Pike County where AP reported that an electronic ballot reader deleted all vote totals, and when they reappeared, Hillary Clinton led by 4000 votes. Kentucky is a near dead-heat within half a percent, but with most mass media megaphones giving Clinton, the plutocracy's choice, the edge. Bernie Sanders has won Oregon, carrying all but one of its 36 counties. Whether the Pike County hiccup will be enough to generate a recount remains to be seen. Under Kentucky law, the candidate requesting a recount must pay for it, a significant disincentive to challenges that may be useless in the final analysis. As it stands now Clinton and Sanders split Kentucky's 54 pledged delegates.