Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Russia Rejects DNC Hack Accusations

Labeling it "unworthy" the Russian foreign ministry said the accusations against Russia by Clinton, Inc. that it hacked the DNC database were "empty election rhetoric" intended to cover-up domestic political intrigue.  The ministry spokesman said such demonizing was wrong and that Russia continues to want normal relations with the United States; it denies that official Russia agencies carryout cyber attacks.  The United States, however, stands accused of carrying out the first known cyber attack against a foreign nation with its Stuxnet computer worm intended to disrupt Iranian enrichment operations.  US Person thinks a nation has to be  normal first to have normal relations, and there is nothing normal about this US election cycle.  Kremlin backed television has tilted toward the narcissistic billionaire, however; President Putin apparently considers the Donald, "very talented". Birds of a feather, flock together of course.