Friday, August 26, 2016

'Toontime: Influence R Us

credit: Michael Ramirez
BC Idonwanna sez: You get'em fries at meeting, too!

As US Person, aka 'the Lawyer from Hell', predicted earlier, the national political discourse has degenerated into a nasty intramural exchange of "gotchas"and tweets from the twit. There is precious little sober debate of policy issues. This week a Repugnant legislator named Hillary Clinton a "serial liar". The latest email drip from them shows Madam Secretary exchanging meetings for donations to the Clinton Foundation. AP reports its review of email records shows more than half of non-government people, 85 out of 154, meeting in person or telephone conferencing with the Secretary of State donated to the Clinton charity, a remarkable percentage. This revelation is reminiscent of her husband peddling the White House's Lincoln bedroom in return for political donations.  Where there is smoke, there is indication of a fire, Madam Secretary.

This extreme, and probably unethical, level of influence peddling is nothing new for the Clintons. But it does demonstrate how skewed toward the rich and corporate American national politics has become.  Clinton will make two public appearances between August 20th and August 31st, but will make 54 fundraising appearances where the minimum donation is $27,000 for many of the events.  She will jet to such wealthy enclaves as East Hampton, Long Island and Martha's Vineyard, MA to meet and greet. In return, the Money Power is showering the Clinton campaign with cash, substantially out-fundraising her opponent.  Trump spent only $18.4 million in July, while Clinton spent a whopping $38 million. Clinton outspent Trump four to one in June.  Her list of contributors is a who's who of plutocratic America: George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Meg Whitman, Tim Cook, "Magic" Johnson, Tom Steyer and Halm Saban to name only a few.  Democracy is dead in 21st century 'Merica, and Wall Street done hauled it away;  its too far, far away to Proxima Centuri.

 credit: Clay Bennett
Wackydoodle sez:  I hear he twits Putin regular like!