Sunday, December 04, 2016

Indians 1, Dakota Access 0

Breaking: In a rare environmental victory for Native Americans, the United States Army denied a permit to Energy Transfer Partners for drilling a pipeline right of way under Lake Oahe and the Missouri River. The Corps of Engineers control the piece of land needed for the current route. The twelve hundred mile pipeline is nearly complete except for the lake section. The Corps will conduct another environmental impact assessment to identify an alternate route for the pipeline. Native Americans led by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe have been protesting in sometimes violent demonstrations against the pipeline, saying "the black snake" poses a health threat to the tribe and other users of the Missouri River watershed. Hundreds of veterans have joined the protest in bitterly cold weather as of late as opposition escalated and more public attention was focused on the dispute. President-elect Trump supports building the pipeline; he also owns stock in the Dallas-based company.  The companies behind the project are confident they will have their way under the new fascist government. North Dakota's governor, who said he supported police action against the Native Americans, said it is now time to talk of a peaceful resolution to the problem of who owns the land.  Watch this BBC video: