Monday, December 12, 2016

Toontime: Trump Cries "Conspiracy''

This is what happens when an already paranoid government is to be led by a minority president that does not have a mandate from the masses.  Political insiders are attempting to discredit the Trump administration before it begins by claiming Russia manipulated the election.  Even if there were hacking incidents by quasi-Russian intelligence nerds, to claim that the election was steered to Trump by Russia discounts all the worthless rubes in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, etc. that voted for the one-time TV star.  He's less qualified than Ronnie Ray-gun, and they voted for him too.  The system is rigged, but it is not the Russians rigging it.  (Hint: Just ask James Madison!)

Frankly, US Person is encouraged that Trump has enough sense not to let the hot-house atmosphere of Washington overly sway his political evaluations.  The intelligence establishment has only one real client: itself.  If it cannot sow fear and loathing among the people, what is its raison d'être?   Trump is good a one thing: making business deals.  He allegedly wrote a book about the subject*.  It is past time to make a geopolitical deal with the Russians for peaceful cooperation in all realms of bilateral relations including security matters before this destructive competition ends in perpetual radioactive winter.  Trump has the right business instinct to deal with Mr. Putin, an eminently practical guy, no matter he is a KGB man.  Even Ronnie went to Reykjavik. The naysayers and Chicken-littles at the CIA have been wrong before (Cuba, Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, etc.) and they are wrong now. Of course, it all depends on who is doing the rigging. 

credit: John Darkow, Columbia Daily Tribune
Wackydoodle sez: Houston, We have a problem!

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