Tuesday, June 06, 2017

US Leaves Trump Behind on Climate

Thanks to the pledges of eleven states including the world's fifth largest economy, California, and 246 cities, the United States will stay the course on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in spite of the trumped-up Trump.  Amazon, Apple and Target have also joined the movement towards a sustainable future.  Those commitments represent more than 40% of the US economy according to AP.  It is no surprise that most of these states have Democratic delegations.  Also not surprising is that the red states in the country's "fly-over zone" are fighting greenhouse reduction goals. [map] Undoing most of the nation's existing legislation to reduce global warming would take years of court battles.  Some experts think that if the United States simply moves on with existing programs, it will be able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 19% by 2025, which is close to the 25-28% reductions agreed to in the Paris accord.  So this is another "accomplishment" the Trumpster can take credit for: activating the American public to support reducing greenhouse gas for the world, and Pittsburgh for pity's sakeResist here.