Wednesday, August 30, 2017

COTW: Still Don't Accept Global Warming?

Some 'Mericans apparently do not!  They elected a President who has taken the United States out of the only global treaty that has a slim chance of adverting the worse consequences of global warming.  So these charts, courtesy of NOAA, have to be posted to remind those people of why they are where they are.  Hurricane Harvey has posted a record amount of rainfall inundating the central Texas coast, transforming the fourth largest city in the US into the coastal marsh land upon which it was built.  Satellite imagery shows 30 inches accumulated in the Houston metro area.  An astounding 49.32 inches was officially collected at Mary's Creek, southeast of the city, besting the previous record set by Hurricane Amelia in 1978. A full-scale of evacuation of such a large city would have been chaotic at best with many vulnerable citizens trapped on roads by flooding. The storm is not over; it is projected to return to the Gulf and head inland towards New Orleans on Wednesday.  An additional 6-12 inches is expected; if that prediction is correct Houston will receive as much rain in a week that it normally receives in a year.  US Person wants to know: is Pittsburgh applauding now?

NOAA: 9 of 10 extreme one-day rainfall events have occurred in the last 10 years

NOAA: The Texas Gulf Coast has experienced a 30% increase in rainfall over the last century