Friday, August 11, 2017

'Toontime: Who Is the Loser?

credit: Nate Beeler, Columbus Dispatch
Not Donald Trump, that is for sure. Just ask him. Everybody else is a loser in Washington except Donald Trump.  According to his own count, the guy has won 18 golf club championships, after all!  Of course you will may not find his name on the wall of honor in any club house, but that is a minor detail.  After seven years of trying the Repugnants failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act which is neither affordable, nor very caring.  Their final effort at "skinny repeal" was defeated by their own party members, notably John McCain, whose expensive cancer treatment will be paid by government insurance.  Perhaps his conscience got the better of him, so he could not vote to strip 27 million Americans of their health care.  That is something that rarely bothers Donald Trump.  A conscience is for losers.

To prove he is not a loser, der Trump has ordered six B-1B supersonic bombers designed and built to penetrate air defenses to deliver nuclear weapons on alert in Guam.  The ultimate leader has assured his fans via social media that his plans for an attack on North Korea are "locked and loaded".  North Korean leaders have threatened to launch missiles in the direction of Guam, which is well within their weapons' range, about 2000 miles away.  According to the Daily Mirror, the RAF has been asked to help pinpoint nuclear sites and stockpiles in North Korea as potential targets.