Sunday, January 14, 2018

Hawaii's Early Warning System Cries Wolf

credit: Washington Post
It is an old adage that if you cry wolf enough times people will start to believe you.  Something akin to that is what happened in Hawaii yesterday morning when an emergency management agency employee made the wrong menu selection at a change of shift.  Instead of selecting a test mode for the state's early warning system, he pushed the actual alert button.  Was this a legitimate mistake, or a deliberate attempt to further provoke obviously distraught 'Mericans pushed to the edge of panic by an emotionally unstable President?  US Person wants to know.  Fortunately, the nuclear regime of Kim Jong Un was too busy talking to its southern neighbor about the upcoming Winter Olympics to exploit the erroneous threat of a ballistic missile attack aimed at the islands.

courtesy: USAF
Nor did the United State's military respond to the alarm because it has immediate access to surveillance that can verify a missile launch anywhere in the world; but this information is not available to Hawaii's emergency management agency.  The unacceptable mistake made by Hawaiian officials on Saturday morning is a classic example of how nuclear brinkmanship can go catastrophically wrong.  It took 38 minutes for the state to issue false alarm statements to the public.[photo, above] Meanwhile Hawaiians were saying their last good byes to loved ones probably as images of Pearl Harbor flashed through their minds!  An alert cancellation option has since been installed to avoid another instance of national insecurity.  This miscreant has been reassigned, and an investigation is underway to correct the flaws in an emergency system that could mean the difference between life or death for people living at the edge of the homeland. An early conclusion by the FCC is that Hawaii did not have “reasonable safeguards or process controls in place” in its emergency notification process. No joke.