Sunday, January 21, 2018

'Toontime: The Nuclear Option

Humpty Trumpy is willing to 'go nuclear' to end the government shutdown and the stalemate in Congress. US Person cannot remember in his lifetime a president so willing to use incendiary messaging for his political ends as the current occupant. Not even Tricky Dick was this insulting.  All he has accomplished besides giving a 'yuge' tax gift to the already wealthy and corporations at the expense of what remains of the middle class, is alienating political opponents and foreign allies alikeUS Person is not alone in this assessment of Trumpy's first year in office.  This quote comes from a professor at the Naval War College, hardly a commie-loving liberal enclave: "Trump’s presidency has done daily damage not only to the Republican Party and the conservative movement but, more important, to our constitutional system of government. The president is eroding the unwritten norms that serve as the civic girders beneath our political and legal infrastructure. And his foreign policy, insofar as he has one, is diminishing our global standing and jeopardizing our security."  Anyway you slice it, the current impasse is a dismal failure of leadership which further endangers the nation. He may not be clinically "nuts", but his behavior is certainly irresponsible.