Friday, December 08, 2006

Out of Control

This is a letter I wrote to several newspapers here in the Northwest:

Impeachment is not about revenge. Its about restoring democracy. While impeachment is a very serious step that should not have been
trivialized as it was during the last presidential administration, it
is an indispensable part of a system of checks and balances that sustains
our democracy. When strong evidence exists of the most serious
crimes, we must use impeachment or lose the ability of the Legislative branch to
compel the Executive branch to obey the law.

Impeachment is not a question of supporting one party over another, but of upholding the rule of law over both of them. Impeachment is about protecting the Constitution from the abuse of power by the Executive branch, not about the character, or lack of character, of George W. Bush.

Members of Congress take an oath of office promising that they will defend the Constitution from "enemies both foreign and domestic." That is their first duty to the Republic. When the Constitution is under attack by a radical philosophy of unlimited executive power in times of war they must devote their attention to reestablishing a system of limited government.

George W. Bush is out of control. The Founders have provided us a solution. We must use it or loose our democracy.