Saturday, April 14, 2012

Creature Feature: "Catwalk"

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Corbett Tiger Reserve in northern India has the highest tiger density in India with 17.8 tigers per 100 sq. miles. It is part of the Teral Arc Landscape that spreads along the Nepal border from the River Yamuna in the west to River Bhagmati in the east. WWF-India funds the Interim Relief Scheme which compensates villagers for cattle kills, and the area surrounding Corbett has some of the highest cattle kill rates in the world with an average kill rate of 1000 per year. Human-tiger conflict as a result of increased tourism is also a problem. Mushrooming resorts in the area will choke vital corridors like the Kosi River corridor used extensively by tigers and prevent their free movement across the landscape. Two villages in the Kosi River corridor are proposed to be translocated to reduce conflicts with tigers, and the seasonal migration of elephants. It is good to know that the tiger on the path is not the last tiger walking.