Tuesday, August 19, 2014

West Allowed to Buy Into Ukraine's Gas Pipelines

This is a story no one in the corporate owned-and-operated Western media is talking about. They are too busy making headlines out of half empty, white spray-painted trucks from Moscow that they have deemed a modern "Trojan Horse", or the mysterious column of Russian armored personnel carriers that according to two British journalists crossed the border into Ukraine. US Person is sure Vladimirovich is having a hearty laugh over these canards. The law allowing western investment in Ukraine's gas pipelines finally passed parliament on the second try. The first attempt ended in defeat and the resignation of the Prime Minister whose resignation was rejected by the legislature. The proposal was supported by 228 members, only two more than the required number. Western investors will be allowed to purchase 49% of the industry. Russia is currently building a bypass route under the Black Sea to western Europe, so finding western investors may be problematic for Ukraine as long as the civil war continues. The effect the measure will have on Russia's willingness to sell gas to Ukraine this winter cannot be positive. In the same session the Rada voted to impose economic sanctions on Russian companies and individuals supporting separatists in eastern Ukraine. One dissenting Ukrainian MP advised his fellow citizens to stock up on firewood and coal.