Wednesday, May 27, 2015

COTW: How the Rich Get Richer

These graphs sum up the process of money printing by the US private central bank that flows to the benefit of the financial plutocracy in control of US economic policy. The first graph shows the growth in world-wide paper assets since the Great Financial Panic of 2008. Reinflation of the financial bubble that burst with the failure of Lehman Bros. has continued unabated by a low-interest rate policy and purchase of financial assets (debt) by the Federal Reserve and other central banks.

The second graph shows that most of the financial assets in the United States are owned by the richest 20% of citizens. These are corporate owners and executives, people with inherited wealth, and a relatively few entrepenuers and entertainers.

The last graph shows that the money flowing to the rich is leveraged in the stock casino with debt, or buying stocks on margin, completing the circle of fiat money inflation.  Money does not grow on trees, but lines the pavement of Wall Street.