Thursday, May 28, 2015

More Police Murder in Florida

A young man was drunk in bed in a gated community of St. Augustine, FL after loosing his job and being on the wagon for only five weeks.  His live-in girl friend took the bottle of vodka away from him and called a police emergency number to get him into a hospital.  He had a large, serrated knife in his hand, threatening to hurt himself.  The girlfriend told the police she did not feel threatened, but was only trying to help her boyfriend get to a hospital.

She  made a mistake calling the police. Moments after sheriff's deputies armed with assault rifles arrived, Justin Way was shot to death becuase he did not  drop the knife as ordered.  A detective told Justin's mom, "That's what we do."  He also helpfully imparted information about a new 'trend' in law enforcement--suicide by cop.  As far as the allegation that Justin threatened the deputies with the knife is concerned, the evidence at the scene is not consistent with a knife attack by a 6'4" alcohol-razed man.  All of Justin's blood was confined to his mattress and a bullet allegedly dug out of it, indicating he was shot were he laid in a state of mental crisis.  One of the deputies involved posted on Facebook the following: "Most people respect the badge. Everyone respects the gun."  The other deputy involved fatally shot a knife-wielding man five months ago. Yes Hannah, that is what the cleaners do in a police state, mop up the useless debris and let the system back their action regardless of how outrageous the official conduct.  So US Person advises: next time you have a crisis in your home, try handling it yourself unless you want your loved one dead from 'suicide by cop'.