Saturday, September 03, 2016

'Toontime: Hillary's Domain of Lies

credit: Gary Varvel, Indianapolis Star 
BC Idonwanna sez: Orange one, extremely dangerous!
The latest release of information about Hillary's "extremely careless" handling of official classified information on her personal server shows just how threadbare the FBI's rationale is for not asking for an indictment. 'Merica's top federal law enforcement officials claimed they could not prove Hillary intended to violate the laws governing unlawful dissemination of classified information. There are at least two facts wrong with that explanation, and they are major. First, not all applicable federal statutes on the subject require proof of intent, in fact the most relevant statute only requires a degree of negligence. Second, intent is often proved with nothing but circumstantial evidence.The FBI's investigative report released this week shows that State warned its employees not to use personal email accounts to conduct official business. This warning went out over Secretary Clinton's imprimatur, and she ignored her own warning. Emails containing classified information contained the usual [C] mark meaning the information in the marked paragraph was classified. Ms. Clinton told the FBI interviewers she thought the [C] was a form of alphabetizing! Perhaps in the past she has tried to sell the Brooklyn Bridge too.

credit: Gary Varvel, Indianapolis Star
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