Friday, September 09, 2016

Toontime: Trump Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Donald has more sides than a Chinese checkerboard, and apparently this has been notice by some of the nation's top political cartoonists:

credit: Mike Luckovich
And he has a "secret plan" for ending the Syrian Civil War which has become a battleground between the superpowers by proxy.  'Tricky Dick' Nixon said the same thing about ending the Vietnam War in 1968. Trump is just about as trustworthy.  Politicians are never above using an old shtick, especially if it works.  The fact is that both major party candidates are under the influence of the military-intelligence establishment that has grown more potent since the successful terrorists bombings of September 11th, the new Pearl Harbor of 'Merican history.  The military forum recently held in New York is testament to the deplorable militarization of our entire society and economy. Of course this condition of military priority is completely out of step with the concept of civilian control of military forces enshrined in our Constitution.  'Merica did not even own a standing army until after the Revolution, and it was not an entirely professional--i.e., mercenary--army until after Vietnam. On a less serious subject--notice his tiny hands!