Monday, March 13, 2017

Canada's Supreme Court Says Trump Lied

Its becoming increasingly obvious to still sane 'Mericans that their Current Occupant is challenged by the truth.  When the Supreme Court of Canada rules the same conclusion in a case filed by investors against Trump, we should knoq we have a problem.  The high court refused to review a decision by Ontario's Court of Appeal last year that Trump and a real estate development sold two small investors units of Trump International Hotel under false pretenses.  They were promised returns ranging from 7.7% to 20.9%.  They lost a combined C$1.2.  The sixty-five story tower is in the heart of Toronto's financial district and is managed by the Trump Organization.

The review justices found that the cornerstone of the fraud was a document given the investors labeled "estimated return on investment" upon which they relied in making their decision to invest their money, some of which was borrowed from family members.  The justices found that the document was "repleat with misrepresentations of commission, omission, and of half-truth."