Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Trump Promotes Fossil Fuel Burning

In the face of the obvious effect fossil fuel burning is having on the global climate, President Trump signed an executive order rescinding Obama's Clean Power Plan that was intended to bring the United States into compliance with the goals set in Paris for reducing carbon emissions. During his campaign he vowed to take 'Merica out of the Paris climate treaty.  Repeating the false and misleading corporatist claim that carbon regulations "kill jobs" he signed the executive order before a group of white male coal miners.  The Clean Power Plan is unpopular with companies who rely on fossil fuel and Republican states who have challenged the regulations in court.  The conservative Supreme Court has enjoined portions of the regulatory scheme while lower courts decide the cases brought to them.

During the signing ceremony Trump said the previous administration "devalued workers".  In 2015 Trump called climate change a "hoax". It is a fact that more US workers are now employed in alternative energy production than fossil fuel production.  Environmentalists who worked diligently to achieve the Paris climate treaty are enraged and vow legal action of their own.  But that tactic plays into the hands of the climate deniers, whose only goal is to delay all regulations intended to replace fossil fuels for as long as they can.  The man's bombast boggles the rational mind.  US Person understands that politicians prevaricate for a living, but the Trumpster has set new standards of deceit in just his first three months in office.