Monday, March 06, 2017

UN Lauches Campaign to Reduce Plastic Waste

US Person has told you about the immense amount of plastic waste that is slowly killing marine wildlife and polluting the oceans {17.08.16}.  The UN announced at an ocean conference in Bali a campaign to eliminate some categories of plastic waste in five years. It will focus on single use plastic items such as packaging and micro-plastics used in cosmetics.  Eleven countries including Indonesia, the world's worst litterbug, have signed on to reduce plastic waste.  Indonesia has pledged to slash plastic waste 70% by 2025. Dell Corporation, makers of computer products, will begin using recycled plastic retrieved from the sea around Haiti for packaging.

Most plastics do not break down in seawater, so it is ingested by birds, fish and marine mammals leading to illness and starvation.  Plastic chemicals have entered the marine food chain and are eventually consumed by humans.  Humans produce twenty times more plastics than they did in 1960.  By 2050 plastic production will have to grow 3 to 4 times current levels to keep up with population growth.  About 30% of plastic is used for product packaging according to the UN.  The UN effort is belated and consists for now of public relations and media events.  When humans will get around to collecting their polluting trash remains to be seen, meanwhile Earth suffers from their collective lack of responsibility for their commerce.