Saturday, September 09, 2017

COTW: Crossing Red

credit: Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune
BC Idonwanna sez:  He have bad haircut and big bomb.

Trump's hot-headed rhetoric has had the opposite effect on the North Koreans. Instead of deterring their march toward a viable nuclear arsenal, it has only increased their determination to succeed. Last week the retro-regime announced it had successfully tested underground an H-bomb that triggered a 6.3 earthquake. There is a report from a Chinese expert that the explosion has destabilized the mountain in which the device was tested. [photo] The bomb is powerful enough to wipe out a small city, and makes North Korea a qualified nuclear threat. Warmongering with conventional weapons is affordable, risking a city or national annihilation is NOT. Instead of being "locked and loaded", the Deep State needs a new approach to resolving the Korean War.  Fortunately in this tense situation, Der Donald's short attention has been diverted by the Hurricane Harvey disaster in Texas, and the disaster coming soon to Florida delivered by Hurricane Irma, another 'cat 5' monster.  Welcome to the world of global warming and unqualified leadership*.

*a former aide said the White House, "was like a fraternity house the first six months and now it’s a military compound -- it’s a fort,” At least no toga parties were held in the West Wing. US Person hopes it is not F Troop that is stationed there now.