Tuesday, September 26, 2017

COTW: Merkel Still in Power, Barely

The xenophobic Alternative for Germany Party made substantial inroads into Angela Merkel's ruling majority after Germany's parliamentary election on Monday. Like the Conservative Party in England, Merkel's CDU/CSU will be forced to cobble a coalition government as its rival major party, Social Democrats (SPD), chose opposition over renewing a coalition with the Christian Democrats. Her party is far apart from the potential partners, the Greens and Free Democrats, on several major issues. The charts shows Germany's swing to the populist right:

Two of Germany's major corporations, Siemens and Volkswagen, expressed concern with the election results through their CEOs. Merkle's immediate task is to shore up confidence in the German economy as the euro dropped on news of the election results. Coalition building will take months and the alt-right party, which ran primarily on the issue of immigration, promises to be difficult to handle. No other German party will work with the fractious new-comers to the Bundestag.