Thursday, March 08, 2018

COTW: Inconvenient Proof

Inside Climate News provides these charts showing the indisputable evidence that the oceans are warming as a result of anthropomorphic climate change.  The truth is becoming so well substantiated that Neanderthals in Congress can no longer deny the reality.  House Repugnants have asked the military to study the effects of climate change.  They only trust the military establishment, because according to them the civilian scientific community is full of fuzzy-headed liberal pinkos bent on destroying capitalism:

This chart of ocean temperatures in excess of 78℉ are show in red, orange and yellow.  These temperatures are sufficiently high to cause more hurricanes. Warmer ocean water played a role in three major hurricanes of 2017: Harvey, Irma and Maria.  The rate at which oceans are warming has nearly doubled since 1992, and the heat is reaching much lower in the water column.  As ocean temps rise, sea level rises due to thermal expansion among other contributors such as melting ice shelves:

Talk about "strong", try talking about the weather.