Tuesday, September 01, 2015

DNC Chair Blocks Resolution Supporting Iran Treaty

Latest:  A grass-roots effort to get enough Democratic senators publicly behind the Iran nuclear treaty has achieved sufficient support to prevent it from being de-railed by warmongers in Congress.  Daily Kos said about 250,000 people signed petitions, wrote e-mails and made calls to garner more support.  What is amazing is that these crucial turning points in history require so much effort to achieve when they should be 'no-brainers'.  No body in their right mind would want to start a nuclear war in the Middle East, except perhaps if your company is manufacturing the munitions.

Think US Person was exaggerating when he said the Democratic National Committee was owned by the reactionary plutocracy? Think again. Case in point:  at the recent caucus meeting in Washington, the Committee Chair, Debbie Schultz, prevented consideration of a resolution backing the pending nuclear treaty with Iran, a treaty negotiated at great pains by a Democratic administration. The resolution was intended, according to insiders, to put the national party committee on record in support of the agreement. There are still about eleven Democratic senators who have not expressed public support for the deal. Thirty-four senators are needed to prevent the Repugnants from scuttling it. Schultz' stance on such issues at fast-track 'free trade agreements' and no easing of travel restrictions to Cuba makes her inappropriate for the job of leading the only major party supposedly representing the middle and working classes, and not corporate plutocracy, in America.

One of the task of a national committee chair is to elect party members to office. She has been disastrous at this. The party failed to translate an incumbent president's good fortune into wins for lesser Democratic candidates in 2012. It was one of their worst election routs ever; they hold few state legislatures or governorships Schultz wears another hat too--representing Florida's 23rd district. Seems Ms. Schultz has bitten off more than she can chew. She has served as national chair longer than any other since 1968. Time for the Democrats to choose a full-time party leader than can help achieve electorial success.