Friday, September 04, 2015

Toontiime: Fortress Europe

credit: Jeff Danziger
Wackydoodle axez:  Do y'al have some form of ID too?
It took a photograph of a dead Syrian child laying on a Agean beach to prompt some action from the Euro union. The child's Kurdish family had attempted to immigrate to Canada earlier in the year, but their application was rejected. There is a proposal pending to set up several processing centers in Europe that could easily become detention camps for people risking their lives to escape the chaos in Syria, Afganistan and Libya. The European elite should share a large part of the blame for the disintergration of Libya since they insisted on ousting that county's strongman to get at the nation's oil. Since Khaddafi was deposed  Libya has disentigrated into a militia free-for-all.  Foreign involvement in the Syria civil war is well-reported and is probably responsible for its prolongation.