Saturday, September 26, 2015

Tru'merica: Who Is Dorothy Day?

Pope Francis mentioned her among the great modern Americans, but she is practically unknown. She is a potential saint, and an American that should be better known for the right reasons. This short video explains who is Dorothy Day, founder of the movement newspaper The Catholic Worker:

Predictably, but no less disgustingly, the extreme right in America is becoming biblical in its attacks against a world leader it sees as socialist and anti-capitalist. Mouthpieces like Fox News, Washington Times and Newsmax are invoking their multi-purpose authority for matters eschatological, Revelations, to label the Catholic Church's leader a "false prophet". The fact is the Catholic Church as an institution espouses a non-capitalist economic philosophy. The Church understands that markets are made up of people, and any view that considers them perfect or beyond social control is engaging immoral idolatry. No wonder Catholic John Boehner is resigning. The House is full of extremist 'tea partiers' who have debased the Republican Party beyond recognition and demanded Boehner's resignation. Pundits dub them the Kamikaze Caucus because of their single-minded determination to once again shut down the federal government, their own 'Great Satan'. US Person believes their religiously tinged fear-mongering is causing Dwight Eisenhower and Teddy Roosevelt to turn in their graves.