Saturday, September 05, 2015

Homicide, Code Blue

US Person stopped posting stories of police brutality because they were becoming all too common. The fact that 'Merika is fast becoming a fascist police state is too obvious to plausibly deny anymore . This story from California however, sets a new standard for brutality and inhumanity to man, so he posts it for your edification and enlightenment.

Three guards working at the Santa Clara County jail were arrested this week on charges of murder, conspiracy and assault while in authority. They brutally beat a mentally ill man in his cell to death. The victim had served his five day sentence in jail for misdemeanor drug and theft crime and was awaiting a bed in a mental facility according to an order by a state judge who placed him in protective custody. On the evening of August 26th three guards entered the victim's cell to conduct a routine search. Inmates witnessed the three deputies assault Michael James Tyree, 31, for about twenty minutes as he screamed in pain and begged for mercy. The deputies returned after their handiwork an hour later and saw Tyree motionless on the floor covered in feces and vomit. Inmates describe Tyree as harmless, but who was clearly mentally ill. He often refused to shower or change clothes, and would scrounge through the garbage looking for extra food.

A coroner's autopsy showed he died of blunt force trauma, and his death was ruled a homicide. Tyree suffered lacerations to his spleen and liver causing internal bleeding. The deputies are being held without bail. The Santa Clara Sheriff said her disgust, "cannot be overstated". However, inmates say complaints about mistreatment in the jail "go nowhere" because guards and deputies conspire to protect one another. They are particularly afraid of the "elevator ride". Inmates are repeatedly punched as they ride the back elevator to the jail's basement. The Sheriffs Office replaced deputies who are beter trained and paid more with less experienced and less expensive correctional officers. The Sheriff's sentiments are therefore cheap because a man was murdered in her custody basically because "he smelled bad".