Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Alone Against the World

'Merica proves once again it is the exceptional country.  Not only do we allow 'mad men' to purchase military weapons which are designed to kill in volume (Would you sell a flamethrower to an arsonist?), but it is the only country in the world that has pulled out of the Paris climate accord.  'Merica is now alone after Syria, in the middle of a vicious civil war, announced it would sign the agreement.  Nicaragua, the other hold out, signed last month.  The world is meeting at the Bonn climate conference, which began yesterday, and a peoples' delegation from our country is attending to offset the ridiculously divisive pandering in which Trump specializes.  Is it any wonder our unstable President makes such bombastic and jingoistic statements while supposedly representing US overseas?  The United States does not have the biggest military machine in the world for nothing.  In his own narscisstic state of mind, he is "the only one that matters"  And that is bad news for the rest of US.