Tuesday, November 07, 2017

'Toontime: I Don't Remember

Latest: Special Prosecutor Mueller is certainly working his way up the food chain at a steady pace: NBC reports that he now has enough evidence to charge Michael T. Flynn who was Trump's national security advisor for just twenty-four days before being fired. The charges may include lying to the FBI and money laundering. Also, the Special Prosecutor is looking into whether Flynn attempted to engineer the extradition of a chief rival of Turkish President Erdogan, Fethullah Gulen, from the United States to Turkey in return for millions of dollars, an illegal quid pro quo. According to sources familiar with the investigation, Flynn's son Michael, could also be charged at the same time. He worked briefly on the White House transition team. This development brings the Russian Connection investigation into the White House and not just the Trump campaign organization.  In most investigations of corporate bodies the ability of a prosecutor to charge high level officials with crimes depends to a large extent on the availability of insider witnesses willing to testify against their superiors in the organization. Howard Dean, former DNC chair, told reporters he thinks Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law will be indicted for money laundering. Other members of the Trump's family business may be next on Mueller's hit list.

credit: Fitzsimmons, Arizona Star   
{03.11.17} US Person cannot remember being called a lightweight before, either.  The lack of memory at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW will become depressingly familiar  as the investigation into the Russian Connection continues.  That is, of course, if Robert Mueller does not meet the same fate as Archibald Cox. This week contained the first indictments of Trump top aides and a plea agreement from a foreign policy advisor, George Pappadopoulos, an "excellent guy" according to the usually disparaging Trump.  It is the plea agreement that should be noted since it is conditioned on complete cooperation with the Special Counsel. Mr. Pappadopoulos offered to arrange a meeting for candidate Trump with President Putin, and he was in at least one meeting with Trump chaired by now Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Pappadopoulos swears he was offered "dirt" on Hillary Clinton via "thousands of emails" in the possession of Russians*. It is this meeting that Trump has difficulty recalling; that claim is somewhat incredible from someone who boasted just last week about having "one of the great memories of all time".  The only thing great about Donald Trump is his blatant buffoonery.

credit: John Cole
Wackdoodle sez:  Ah confess, the Democrats and Crooked Hillary made me do it!
*Apparently Facebook, Google and Twitter were flooded with ads coming from Russian sources. Whether this was a propaganda operation by the Russian government, "cyber-warfare"  or "Putin's revenge", remains to be proven.   US Person thinks that if all it takes is a hundred thousand dollars worth of absurd ads on social media to decisively sway a US election, then democracy is in worse condition than he believed previously. To him the capture of the DNC by corporate Clintonites, who bailed out the party financially and then rigged the primaries against socialist Bernie Sanders, was much more influential to the outcome of the 2016 election than any Russian hacks. Perhaps the fundamental explanation for this tempest in a teapot lies within our own national security state.  Any explanation that blames the systematic corruption of our national politics on sinister foreign powers is preferable than the truth.