Thursday, November 30, 2017

COTW: Here Come da Judge

Incredibly, the voters of Alabama do not seem to care that multiple allegations of sexual misconduct have been made against a former state judge who was removed from office for failing to follow the orders of a higher court.  Moore had refused to remove a Ten Commandment monument from an Alabama court house. If the chart is to be believed Moore suffered a significant drop in the polls after the Washington Post broke a story* that Moore had sexual relations with a fourteen year old when he was a thirty-two year old DA.  Moore denies the allegation and claims that it is deliberate character assassination formulated by "soft on crime" liberals in Washington.  That meme is grist for the mill of angry, white, racist, fundamentalists who are going to the voting booth in a special Senate election.  But their tired tropes never seem to get stale.  In fact Moore, according to latest reports, has regained the lost ground and is in a dead heat with his Democratic challenger after the racist pseudo-populist in the White House tweeted his support of the scandalized judge.  Partisanship has trumped common sense in a "house divided".  US Person wants to ask Judge Moore: how does it feel?

*After publishing the allegations of illicit sexual contact with a minor, the Post debunked a fake story being pushed on its undercover reporters by Project Veritas, a right wing agit-prop group. Trump should be very good at spotting "fake news" since his nationalist supporters are so adept at generating it.