Thursday, November 09, 2017

COTW: Armed and Dangerous

credit: Guns & Ammo

'Merica, epitomized by Trump's callousness, has apparently decided to solve its "mental health problems" with more guns. The corporate mass media has endlessly touted the intervention of a bystander in the Texas church shooting who was also equipped with a rifle. But the fact is he did not stop the massacre from taking placed. The shooter died from a self-inflicted gunshot. The chart shows the spike in gun sales by type of weapon. Variants of the A-15, a civilian semi-automatic version of a military weapon is the blue line, exceeded by sales of high capacity magazines and matching ammo. In 2013 when this chart ends, the gun industry had its best sales year in history. The demand for weapons has outstripped supply, sending gun prices up as illustrated below. The FBI reported a record number of back ground checks on Black Friday of 2012 (154,873) exceed the previous year's total in one day in anticipation of a lame duck President doing something about the gun fetish in 'Merica. The problem is profit-making, not mental health (although US Person is not willing to dispute there is a metal health crisis in the country). Any excuse to keep the cash coming in by preventing a ban on non-sporting arms and stiring up another war is good enough for the plutocrats.