Monday, June 01, 2015

Confrontation in Black Sea and Elsewhere

More: US does not consider 1000 meters at 500 feet "provocatively close". The SU-24s were not visibly armed. Both war machines were operating in international space. In an action that might be considered provocative, Ukrainian sailors have come aboard the RossVideo of the incident was posted by the US Navy, a globally self-promoting organization.

{30.05.15}The United States military is becoming increasingly truculent about its forward defense posture. The latest example is is the USS Ross, a missile destroyer now showing the flag in the Black Sea. Russian media reported the Ross was "buzzed" by SU-24 fighter-bombers as it cruised along the edge of Russia's territorial waters headed towards Russia. East-West confrontations continue as tensions mount over Russia's covert intervention* in the Ukraine civil war and Russia's annexation of Crimea last year. Crimea is the home of Russia's Black Sea Fleet. US has officially complained about what it calls the "sloppy" interception of its spy aircraft near Russian borders. In response Russia has resumed Cold War patrols of its strategic bomber fleet, causing Britain and Sweden to scramble fighters [photo] to intercept the "Bear" patrols.

Russia is not the only target of US aggressiveness. China was told to stop reclaiming land in the South China Sea. The US objects to China's claim of most of the South China Sea as its territorial waters. Other Asian countries including the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand have made overlapping territorial claims in the region. China has reclaimed over 2,000 acres, and is unlikely to heed the US demands. Given the increase in global miltary preparedness, the custodians of the "Doomsday Clock" started after the Manhattan bomb project, have moved the clock three minutes closer to midnight.

To understand 'Merica's demonic penchant to return to its violent past, just look at the Texas legislature. It passed a bill to allow citizen-cowboys to openly carry handguns in public. The Repugnant governor of the state already twitted his intention to sign the bill into law. US Person advises: do not mess with 'Merica because you might get shot or bombed, wild west style.

*President Putin recently declared the number of Russian military men's deaths in peacetime a state secret.