Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Creature Feature: Uporny Goes Free

WWF with cooperation from the Russian Forest Department and conservationists have successfully released another Amur tiger into the wild. This video records the release of Uporny, a three-year old male, who was captured last year because he was considered a "conflict" tiger. Uporny resorted to killing domestic dogs to survive because of the lack of prey in his territory. Uporny was captured and sent to a rehabilitation center in Russia's far east rather than suffer a life of captivity. Uporny's health was checked and he was released to a sparsely populated mountain area with a good source of prey. It is also home to a female Amur tiger. Obviously, we all hope that Uporny produces many little tigers in the years to come, contributing to the recovery of his magnificent species. Uporny wears a collar designed to drop off when his human monitors are satisfied with his progress adapting to his new home. Notice Uporny's eyes as he faces the freedom  after his stressful captivity! No wonder Kipling wrote, "Tiger, tiger burning bright in the jungles of the night..."