Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tru'merica: San Francisco 1934 General Strike

These videos show the 1934 general strike in sympathy with striking longshoremen that paralysed San Francisco. It did not last long after the California governor called in troops to break the strike. One hot-headed politician equated the general strike to civil war. Two people were killed in the rioting.  Mounted police using tear gas were directed to rout out the "red agitators" allegedly responsible for the striker's anti-social behavior.  Longshoremen finally agreed to federal arbitration of their labor dispute. The same year general strikes in Minneapolis and Toledo erupted in labor unrest:

Since this is the weekend the pseudo-liberal former Secretary of State holds her first major campaign rally, it is instructive to listen to what a real socialist sounds like. This speech by James P. Cannon was given to the 1948 Socialist Workers Party convention in New York. In those days when the debris from a world war to defeat fascism was still piled high around the globe and the Cold War was just beginning, his speech was nationally broadcast over the ABC radio network! It is from this speech another more recently discredited American politician, John Edwards, got his campaign theme of "the two Americas".   My, how things have changed in sixty-years, and NOT for the better.